About Us


Eagle Labor Contracting,

Jose Torres, ELC's founder and owner, spent his lives studying and operating in multiple fields of agriculture. Starting from the central valley to California's west coast, he collaborated in counties such as Fresno county, Kern county,  San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles County. Jose developed a passion for agriculture at a young age, earning his way up the ranks.

Jose's journey in agriculture has provided him over 25 years of experience. With devotion, understanding and hard work, he remains to create his name in agriculture by offering farmers with the finest possible service.


ELC Team

Our supervisors each have 10 plus years of expertise and experience, not only in the orchard field of agriculture, but also in the packing house of agriculture. All are specialized in a particular region of agriculture such as apples, grape growing, vegetable orchards, etc. With up to date training, they are able to provide the best possible service to farmers and employees, a like.