Weed Abatement


 A significant aspect of agriculture is weed control, which guarantees that all feasible nutrients and water are consumed by the item. We use various techniques such as hand agriculture, instruments such as hoes, shovels and tractors. 



 Having the correct staff is a must when it comes to irrigation. Knowing that your staff are correctly educated and that they have the abilities necessary to avoid inadequacies in the irrigation system will help boost your agricultural output. 

Pruning/ Thinning


 With the right tools and a keen eye, ELC will help maintain the health of your crops with proper pruning and thinning to ensure the best product possible over the years. 



Harvesting is a crucial phase of agriculture, indicating the maturity of the plants accessible for picking.  ELC can provide our customers with the correct workforce to accomplish the task. 

Packing Houses


Packing houses are an significant component of agricultural production. Whether we operate in an enclosed packing house, nursery, or open tent packing house, having a powerful skilled workforce will facilitate  production in any sort of packing house.

Portable Facilities & Canopies


Providing safe mobile facilities, canopies and clean drinking water are just some of the forms we remain in accordance with safety procedures and OSHA laws. As well as assisting in the comfort of our staff while at work.

Agricultural Machinery


Tractors can be a necessary instrument for pulling, plowing, planting, disking, tilling, etc.  When searching for staff to undertake big agricultural tasks, we provide skilled employees with experience in the operation of heavy equipment.